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Remain calm, use common sense and give assistance as needed.

Call the VCU Police at 828-1234 or the Richmond Police by dialing 911.

Evacuate buildings immediately upon fire alarm activation or upon request of authorities.

Shelter in place upon hearing a campus siren or upon seeing activation of an Alertus warning device.

Know the location of at least two emergency exits close to your working/living areas.

What NOT to do in an emergency

In order to keep lines open, do not use the telephone except to report the emergency situation.

Do not use elevators.

Do not jeopardize your life and the lives of others by attempting to save property.

All VCU personnel are reminded to report all suspicious activities to the
VCU Police as well as to local law enforcement. VCU has procedures in
place to report to City, State, and Federal law enforcement agencies.


Welcome to the VCU Alert Alternate Website.

This site will only be updated during emergencies when access to the VCU web servers are unavailable for an extended period of time. Otherwise this site will simply supply you links to Emergency Information and other important Phone Numbers.

university services directory

University Weather Hotline:
  - VCU Employees:
      (804) VCU Open (828-6736)
  - Hospital and Physicians:
      (804) 628-7669

Parking Information: 828-7275
Police Non-Emergency: 828-1196
Services: 828-FOOD  [3663]
Service Availability:
    358-GRTC or


emergency directory

Fire/Police: 828-1234
Medical Emergency: 828-1234
Bomb Threat: 828-1234
Sexual Assault: 828-1234
Poison Control: 828-9123
Chemical/Radiological: 828-9834

Electrical/Mechanical: 828-9364
Security Escort Service: 828-WALK/9255
Telecommunications Device for the Deaf:     Voice:1-800-828-1140
    TTY: 1-800-828-1120


critical links

Campus Resources
VCU Police
Student Response & Support
Campus Housing
Commons and Activities
Counseling Services
Disability Support Services
Emergency Communications
Multicultural Student Affairs
News Services
Student Affairs
Student Government Association
Student Health Services
VCU Inclement Weather and
   Office Closing Information
VCU Dining Services
VCU Libraries
VCU Parking and Transportation
  Parking Lot Status
   - Monroe Park Campus
   - MCV Campus
  Shuttle Service Status
VCU Technology
Information Security


Community Resources
Richmond Police
Richmond Fire and Emergency Services
American Red Cross - Virginia Capital Region

State and Federal Resources
Virginia Department of
   Emergency Management
Virginia Department of Transportation
Office of Commonwealth Preparedness
Virginia Department of Health
Virginia State Police
Federal Department of Homeland Security
Federal Emergency Management Agency
Travel Warnings

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Date Last Updated: March 14, 2011